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Disclaimer- All fees are subject to change, pending School Board approval. Parents will be notified of the change in writing.  


 Revised November 23, 2019

The Louisiana Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program covers the cost of tuition and fees (those charged to all students attending the school) for scholarship recipients. Act 240 of the 2019 Legislative Session (R.S 17:4022) requires that all fees paid included in the student’s scholarship be identified in writing in a student fee policy, which must be disseminated to scholarship recipients’ parents and legal guardians. 


Required fees that ARE covered by the Student Scholarships for Excellence Program for grades K-8th grade:



Application Fee

Technology Fee

Music / Drama Fee


Field Trips (2 per year)


Required fees that ARE NOT covered by the Student Scholarships for Excellence Program for grades K-8th grade:

Outdoor School (5,6,7,8 grades) - subject to change






Eligible students may qualify for an economic hardship waiver for fees that are NOT covered by the Educational Excellence Program. Students will be approved for a waiver if the below criterions are met:

Objective Criteria

  1. A hardship letter must be written by the parent or legal guardian and submitted to the principal for consideration.
  2. The letter must be submitted within 30 days of the activity.
  3. This letter must be notarized.
  4. The letter must include the hardship crisis.

A written approval or denial will be provided to the parent or legal guardian within 14 school days after being submitted.   

The Emmanuel SDA School is under no obligation to approve your request. However, the School will offer the parent or legal guardian fundraising projects to participate in to help raise the fees that are due, if applicable. 


Failure by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of their child to pay any required fee will not result in Emmanuel SDA School withholding student's educational record. 


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